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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Castledew 9545

Castledew is a korean cosmetics brand. Like most korean cosmetics, it is sold very cheaply in korea but the price is greatly marketed up when exported overseas. I've heard that the nail polish sells for abt 3000won back in korea, which is about S$3.50 or so. Unfortunately, Castledew is sold for at around $8-9 a bottle at Beauty Language stores. $igh~  

1 coat, natural light
2 coats on all fingers except pinky
with flash
Castledew 9545 is a rosy pink with light greenish-silver shimmer. It takes on a somewhat subtle duochrome effect in certain light. It's a very pleasing color that suits any outfit :) I have several more castledew swatches coming up soon! Do stay tuned! lol~

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