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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The men just don't get it

I went for a hair perm this morning and extorted money from my dad to pay for it. He handed S$50 to me and went back to reading his newspaper. I paused.
Me: "Erm... this isn't enough."
Dad: "Eh? Not enough?" he hands over another S$50.
Me: "Still not enough"   ---> 囧 face
Dad: "WHAT?! How much does hair perming cost?!"
Me: "About S$230-300, i think."
Dad: *heart attack*

LOL~ He grudgingly handed over the money, but when we met for lunch he was still sulking. My mum and I think it's absolutely hilarious~ The guys normally pay S$10-30 for a haircut and so they don't understand why girls have to pay so much for hair treatments and other hair services. In fact, my mum and dad like to go to a small salon @ bedok central where haircuts are only S$3.80. This scrimping makes them feel happy since they come from a generation where the traditional notion of saving money is a valued Chinese virtue.

Yet, this is also a gender sensitive issue as men are less frivolous. When I mean less frivolous I mean that some guys will buy 3 colors of the same shirt so that they don't have to continually shop to find something suitable. Girls, on the other hand, will most probably do a lot more shopping to find various pretty clothes. 1stly, society places a lot more emphasis on a woman's appearance. 2ndly, men are supposedly more practical/logical while women are more flighty/emotional creatures. Let's face it, a male will most probably buy a few expensive branded items (e.g. Car, Power suits, Pen, ...) while a female has infinitely more items to spend on (e.g. clothes, shoes, make-up, ...). This doesn't mean that men spend less then women, just that the nature of what they spend on is different. A car is definitely more expensive than make-up. Yet a car is a singular object, a one-time splurge, while make-up consists of multiple objects that are cheap separately but add up to a considerable sum in the long run.

All this is nothing new, just a random rumbling : D Anyway, we have the Castledew 9143 swatch below. This polish is a frosty light pearl pink that's nothing new. It was a little streaky in application and I do not recomend layering as the base is milky/streaky so it isn't suitable on dark colors. It contains a pink and white shimmer that's not very obvious since the overall effect is that of a frost/pearl. It's work appropriate though and very pleasing to look at. A staple for everyday :)

1 coat
4 coats. (smudged thumb by accident while taking photo)

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  1. omg trina!!! my hair perm costs max $150 lor...u are really spendthrift...