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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Nox Twilight Sangria

 My X'mas stash 2010!~
Nox Twilight Sangria (I decided the promo pics for True blood looked better :x )
1 coat
2 coats
I recently went to Bangkok with 2 of my girlfriends. While I was constantly bemoaning the lack of proper nail polish there, I came across this gem! It's the Nox Twilight series. Yay!! I'm no fan of Twilight, despite having read all 4 books, since I think all Bella does is moan about how good-looking Edward is. But I think the book/series is good comic relief :) I only need to flip a few pages/chapters when I'm feeling down, and instantly I can feel my mood perk up. Volia! I'm laughing myself to death when Bella once again lamenta about how Edward is a god and she cannot live without him. sheesh. Bella was an average emo girl before she met Edward, but after she sees him she soon becomes entranced and obessed. I seriously think Edward glamored her into becoming his slave or something. Sorry, but I think I prefer to read BL slash fan fiction abt edward and jacob. LOL.

I think I still prefer good old Anne Rice :D Lestat rox!!!

Anyway, looking at all the colors available:
I decided that Sangria was the way to go :) suits the theme of blood suckers.... erm.... i mean vampires. And that it goes best with the pewter crest on the bottle. After all, I didn't buy the bottle cause the polish is superior or cause I'm a fan. I bought it so i could photograph it and stash it in my polish collection just to say I have it.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Del sol Trick and treat is a Winner!

 Remember how I complained abt my defective Del Sol Rock star nail polish? Well, after I sent an irate email to soap valley (which is the Singapore importer for this polish brand) I received a very nice apology email that promised to send me 3 bottles of del sol polish to make up for it. :) sounds too good to be true? well, here are the pic of the 3 bottles I received.
Superhero, Reckless, Trick or treat (from left to right)
In the sun. Color change for reckless and trick or treat.
1 coat
in the sun
2-3 coats. In the sun.
All in all, I can't complain since these were free bottles. Especially since the staff at soap valley were so nice abt the whole thing. :) Thank you!!
I especially LOVE Trick or Treat!! It's such a beautiful orangey color with holo glitter that I wouldn't care if it couldn't change color. But it does. It changes to a dark purplish-black base with holo glitter. Super pretty! I'm going to buy an extra bottle just in case! :)
Hmmm, I have to say that Superhero doesn't change to the purplish-pink it's supposed to. And superhero and reckless show quite a bit of brush-strokes. still, both are pretty colors, and I wouldn't mind buying del sol polishes again. It's a really interesting change from usual polish. Just be sure to check that your bottle is NOT deffective :D plea with the salesgirl to let u check the product first.

Superhero: 3/5
Reckless: 3.5/5
Trick or treat: 4.5/5 !WINNER!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Crackle nails

Canmake has recently launched 3 new crackle polishes! It's called Crack Lac and it comes in pink, yellow and navy blue. Surprisingly, it works! You have to follow the instructions and paint 2 layers of whatever base polish you want. Then add ONE coat of the crack lac polish. It starts crackling almost immediately :)  I have to admit that it's rather expensive :| S$14.90 per crack lac bottle and S$17.90 for the gel volume. Frankly, the gel volume topcoat is nothing special and you can skip that. The shine is not as glossy as Seche Vite and it doesn't dry as quickly/throughly. It's ok for a topcoat but nothing special, frankly. I'll do a reviw on several gel topcoats soon. I think it's all a gimick, actually. None of them are as good as the trusty seche vite-which has problems of it's own but is still my preferred choice.
From left to right: canmake CL01, canmake CL02, canmake gel volume topcoat
on the bare nail, crack lac only crackles very slightly at the edges. 
1 layer of crack lac later....
the crack lac 'melts' a bit when topcoat is put on it. As can be seen, Gel volume is not too shiny :|

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Orly OMG

I got this bottle of polish as part of my birthday stash this year. My cousin's girlfriend gave me to me knowing what a nail fanatic I am. LOL~ This is not my usual preferred range of colors, but the neon intensity is actually quite attractive!
with flash
without flash
As can be seen, Orly OMG is a neon hot pink that turns a coral red-pink when it's out of the sunlight. Very pretty color for a summer look or when you're feeling spunky! :)

Del sol

I've been quite busy recently. 2 of my aunts have fallen ill and my family is quite busy running various errands for them. My mum and I have been clearing up my aunt's flat so that involves manual labour on our part. It's taken a toil on my brittle nails and I've had to chop them off a couple of times : | sigh......

Anyway, I'm taking a break to Bangkok for 4days! :) see the hat above? I'm going to wear it while on vacation! It's 1 of those impulse buys from long ago, so I MUST find an occasion to wear it :D I wonder if the thai locals will think I'm some country bumpkin lol~

Anyway, I just bought 2 Del Sol colors from Sasa today. The colors are supposed to change while in the sun. At S$11.92 (actually S$14.90 but with 20% discount), I expect there to actually be spectacular color change. Unfortunately, Rock Star, the blue glittery polish, fails terribly. I think my bottle was a dud. The polish simply refused to turn green even though I stood under the hot bright sun for a good 20mins =.=|| so disappointing. The blue glitter itself is ok, but nothing spectacular in a market awash with tons of beautiful blue polish. I only paid this much for a UNIQUE color changing polish, not any normal lousy polish. I can get normal polish for less than S$2 a bottle =.= What a waste of money. Sasa doesn't offer refunds, but I'm still going to go back to make my complains known! They can keep my money, but I'm going to complain about their defective products!  At the very least, a company should test it's products to make sure it works BEFORE putting it on the shelves. 2/5
 This pic is slightly yellow tinged, it's definitely a blue not a greenish blue. Compare skin color with the pic below and u can tell it's a different color.
 Sigh, at least Ruby Slippers works beautifully~ The silver polish turns a slight pink under even the slighest sunlight. In direct bright sunlight it turns a pinkish red that's really pretty to behold! At least Ruby Slippers was a win. This polish is actually worth the $$$ I spent. 4/5

Thursday, December 9, 2010

trinket craziness part 2

And yes, a resumption of my insane internet window shopping!
omg =.= swarovski imitation
this pretty winged piece is so tiny and dainty!
lol. I think this is adorable
mickey mouse!
I love mother-of-pearl

Sunday, November 21, 2010

1st attempt at Water Marbling

Okok, so I'm too late for the OPI Water Marbling contest but I just couldn't take all the hype and really needed to try out Water marbling :D

This is not really my 1st attempt. My last attempt was a big FAIL 'cause the polish kept hardening before i could even make patterns >.< I think it has to do with the humidity of Singapore and the winds. This time I tried Water marbling in open air. When it didn't work, I closed all the windows and effectively locked myself up with the poisonous polish fumes =.= This took me a good 30-45mins to complete and it was MESSY 'cause I used Vaseline instead of tape around my fingers. I think I'll use tape next time.
As you can see, OPI DS Glamour didn't really show up in my water marbling :x I think solid, vivid or dark colors work best for marbling. Surprisingly, OPI The color to watch became a subtle background color for the mani even though it'a a light shimmer color. Interesting :D

P.S. In the last 2 pics, I've topped the mani with 1 coat of OPI Text Me Text You for a glittery effect :)

Colors I used:
The color to watch
Suzi says feng shui 
DS Glamour 
Play til Midnight

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

ESTESSIMO TINS 403 - Rich Topaz

I wore these colors to my school's Staff Dinner :) The theme was gold and silver, a night of stars. ESTESSIMO TINS 403 - Rich Topaz -->This polish is a subtle holo that shines like molten gold when under light :) Like all holos, it glitters with a myriad of colors that reflect the rainbow. Very pretty color that suitable for party and work.

And this is the pedicure color I wore with my sparkly peach heels :) The base color is 1 coat of Missha KH01 which is a metallic moss green. It 's a very subtle light green at 1 coat. I then layered Misa Confection Section twice over KH01. This polish is full of iridescent glitter that shimmers in all sorts of colors. Finally, I added a layer of Canmake 17 which contains large and small iridescent glitter. After topcoat is added, this pastel glittery pedicure is finished :)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

LOvely trinkets

I'm in the midst of choosing trinkets for myself and I thought I would share some of the stuff I'm looking through :) This is only part 1, the stuff I've decided I'll NOT buy~ LOL~  I'm not affiliated with this website at all and I definitely get ZERO profits from showing u these pics >.< This is just a random internet window shopping that I'm considering. :)