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Monday, March 28, 2011

Marimo + gradation mani

I recently bought 3 Marimo balls :D I bought them from a fair at NTU from

Awwwww~ They look so cute!
 On the website, there's some hogwash story abt the plants being incarnations of a pair of lovers or something. :| I don't believe it but I do think the plants are really cute! :) supposedly the Japanese keep these plants as pets...............

Went to Ladyfinger @JP to do my nails again. Must use up that package quickly so i never need to go to them again =.=
Anyway, this is a gradation mani: opi last friday night, TINS 013 - The Relax Mint, TINS 005 - The Aquamarine.
Frankly, I think i could have done a better job. Especially since It started chipping slightly at the edges right after I went home and bathed =.=||  I think it's cause the manicurist was so stingy with the polish, so the layers were all so thin. Seriously. The more I go to this shop the more angry i get :|

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Rescue Beauty Lounge Haul!

I've dozens of pics to show but just no time to update :| sigh...

Anyway, here are some pics of my recent haul from Rescue Beauty Lounge :) I order 8 polishes(prep, basecoat, Catherine, scrangie, iconoclast, Catherine h, insouciant, under the stars) and the spiced floral body cream.

The colors are all so pretty!!
Spiced floral body cream. It smells Absolutely Heavenly!!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Gelish Sweet Chocolate

So I went to do Gelish at Ladyfinger at bedok again and it seems the price has increased to $85 for classic mani, gelish color and removal. The manicurist said the previous promotion was over and so the price is now higer. Whatever. I think it's overpriced and the service wasn't very good. Seriously. If the service keeps going downhill, what's the point of buying a package?! The package isn't cheap and there's differential treatment AFTER you've signed on =.=

But Gelish products are nice so I don't mind going to OTHER manicure shops to get better services at better rates. Look, here's the color "Sweet chocolate". It looks like a common brown without light but under light it bursts into multi-colored glitter with predominant copperish-brown shimmer. Very pretty :)