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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

OPI DS glamour

I know OPI DS glamour was released a long time ago, but I absolutely love holographic nail polish! The OPI DS series contains several of my favorite nail polishes of all time and I think it's incomparable to any other polish! I bought 3 bottles of OPI DS glamour just so I won't be in danger of running out of it EVER.

OPI DS glamour is absolutely stunning in bright light. It is supposedly a medium blue holo but in certain lights it has a purplish cast. It leans towards blue yet itsn't totally blue. It can't be classified as purple but it most certainly can be considered a blurple, a fusion between purple and blue. LOL~

1 coat
2 coats, no VNL
In natural light
Like most other holos, OPI DS glamour only reveals a sheen of prismatic glitter in natural light. However, the sun's rays uncover a glorious spectrum of rainbow colors. It's as if OPI DS glamour glows in the light. She isn't shy and is almost agressive in displaying her beauty.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Pedicure at PINC

ESTESSIMO TINS is a Japanese brand nail polish that is usually filled with glitter and bling! It costs abt S$14 when u purchase several bottles from (it's more difficult to buy than OPI as it's not widely brought into the market here) I love it 'cause it always contains insane amounts of glittery goodness!
ESTESSIMO TINS 030 - The Silky Night
 Gosh! Just look at it! It's like the night sky! Full of glittery stars! :)

I went to the Tampines Century Square PINC branch with my friend Hazel last night for classic pedicure :) I had been dying to use the S$50 voucher that I got for my birthday in May. Service there was excellent, much much much better than going to those lousy shops like Milly's @ Far East Plaza. The staff was meticulous while doing my nails and there was none of that insane never-ending chatter from staff who can sometimes be over-zealous/over-enthusiastic in promoting their treatments and polishes. Classic Pedi prices start from $33 onwards, but Tins polishes cost a dollar extra and there was some sort of anti-septic treatment or something that cost $4 extra so in the end my pedi cost S$38. My feet felt happily moistured and softer after the perfect pedi! lol~

Their website:
Store locations:

natural light
with flash
blurred to show the insane glitter!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Shimery grey comparisions

Polishes being used in comparison:
OPI Baby It's coal out here
OPI Lucerne-tainly look marvelous
OPI Brand new skates

From thumb to pinky: 1 coat each of  BICOH, LLM, BNS, LLM, BNS
2 coats each
3 coats each
As can be observed, OPI Brand new skates and OPI Lucerne-tainly look marvelous looked quite similar in the bottle, except that BNS had golden shimmer while LLM was more a shimmery silver. The base color of BNS is certainly 1 tone paler and has a more jelly-like finish. In terms of opacity,  BNS took 3-4 coats to eliminate VNL while LLM too only 2 coats to become opaque. LLM reminded me of a gunmetal grey shimmer, a greyish silver version of Color Club what a drag. The finish was definitely much smoother though. In all, I prefered BNS as it was more unique though LLM is also a pretty polish.  

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Etude House Dear Darling Nails Wh004

This particular polish captured my attention when I was browsing around at Etude. Under the bright lights in the shop, this polish swam with psychedelic colors. Retailing at S$11.90 a bottle, this Korean brand polish is a real beauty.

It was like an oil spill, rainbow colors merging together in a mesmerizing black pool. Reds, purples, blues and greens come together in a black base, reminding one if a dark peacock who slyly hides his beautiful tail feathers. Showy and subtle all at the same time. This polish coyly winks under bright light in a myriad of flashy colors.

From left to right: 2 coats, 2 coats, 1 coat, 1 coat.

Most of the time this polish seems merely a blackish perhaps greenish goth color. Yet, isn't this peacock beautiful? 

Monday, August 23, 2010

Color club too violet

This polish was just sitting around collecting dust for ages. I had ordered it many months ago but when it finally came i decided i hated it. It's a very pretty sheer purple that's perfect for layering. It came in a mini bottle and it has holo glitter! What's not to like? It doesn't come with a metal ball inside it to shake the polish out evenly so the holo glitter likes to stick to the bottle sides. I have no idea why, but I felt instant hate when I realized this =.= OMG. I sometimes freak myself out with my insane ideas.

Luckily, this madness only lasted till yesterday, when i decided I might as well give it a try since the color was too pretty to reject just because of my insane obsession with polish metal balls. lol.

From left to right: layered over OPI black onyx, layered over OPI the color to watch, 2 coats Too Violet, 1 coat Too Violet.
From left to right: layered over OPI black onyx, layered over OPI the color to watch, 2 coats Too Violet.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Anna Sui 209

Anna Sui has recently launched 5 limited edition colors. This new range consists of flakie polishes in white, blue, purple, peach and chocolate brown! I'm going to show a swatch of the Anna Sui 209 which is a purple based polish with greenish-blue flakes. It's a beautiful colored, but very sheer. 4-5 coats is needed to attain bottle color and even then, VNL can still be seen. I recommend layering it over black or a similar colored purple polish. It comes in the signature rose detailed bottle with rose scent and retails for S$24 at all Anna Sui counters. Since we don't have Nfu oh flakies in Singapore, I say this is a great alternative! 3 Cheers to Anna Sui!

 From left to right: 1 coat, 2 coats, 3 coats, layered over black.
with flash
Thumb: 1 coat 209 over OPI the color to watch. Pinky: 2 coats 209 over OPI black onyx.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Baby it's coal outside + Anna Sui 101

I recently purchased 3 bottles of Anna sui polishes, so the next few posts will be on these pretties! :) Retailing at S$24 a bottle, it's pretty expensive but the cute packaging and rose scent is a refreshing change from the 'normal' shapes of OPI/China glaze/Orly/...  I really fell head over heads in love with Anna Sui 101 which consists of a ton of small blue-green glitters and medium sized dark blue circle glitters.

1 coat: thumb + pinky. 2 coats: index + middle + ring finger
1 coat: thumb + pinky. 3 coats: index + middle finger. 2 coats: ring finger
blurred image to let u see the different colored glitters
Lol~ Pls ignore the stubby toes, I've been doing a lot of walking these past few days and my feet are worn out :p When layered on a blackened base, 101 is truly stunning! I was totally mesmerised by the sea like shimmers of grenn, blue and purple. I totally feel like going back to get a back-up bottle! :D

Gorgeous sea-like coloring on black base
close-up of 101 layered on BICO

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Zoya Kotori

For a long time, I had been in love with the beautiful swatches of Zoya Kotori from various bloggers. However, it isn't that easy to get hold of Zoya polishes in Singapore. When I finally managed to get hold of several bottles from Doll up nails, I was elated!

After trying out Zoya roxy and Kotori however, I feel a little let down :| I do like Kotori, but I don't love it. It's pretty but not as attention grabbing as I would like. I expected it to have some sort of "inner glow" of blue sparkles, as if some the God of Nail Polishes had bestowed glorious divine force/power onto Kotori. Unfortunately, no such thing. Sigh~

Yet, Zoya Kotori is a beautiful polish. She is a whole galaxy of blackened blue shimmer contained in a clear base. She's not loud or attention grabbing, but she does subtly entice you. She sings a siren song, slowly mesmerising you with her shimmering nightgown of glittering blue dust.

I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

without flash
With flash

under indirect sunlight

1 coat Essie matte about you

Saturday, August 14, 2010

2 Funky french mani's

Skittles mani
Ok, so I was trying to enter my "Just Tips" mani for the polish hoarder disorder's challenge and I decided that I might as well show a previous mani that I did. It's a red french mani using a Japanese polish, Estessimo tins #406 Passionate Ruby. If anyone wants to see the full entry, this is the link back to my previous blog entry on LJ.

 Next up is my actual entry for the challenge, which is a skittles french mani! :) All polishes used were Canmake polishes, which is having a discount at watsons now (S$5.90 per polish instead of S$8.90).

Polishes used (in order, from left to right):  Canmake Colorful Nails 21, 20, 27, 28, 23, 17

I started by using a base coat, then stamping konad patterns on with metallic colors like China Glaze. Then I painted french mani tips with the canmake colors and added a topcoat when i was done.
As per perferance, one can add nail art stickers/crystals/etc to the nail (see 1st pic left hand). Or alternatively, you could just do the skittles mani and skip the konad. Then do 1 coat of Canmake polish 17 which is a clear polish with suspended large hex glitter(see 1st pic right hand). It sparkles like crazy in any light :)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

1st Post

YES! Finally made the switch from LJ cause I got so frustrated trying to change certain alignments.

Anyway, this is good since I just graduated and am going to start working soon. A new blog = A clean start, A whole new outlook on life, New beginnings! :)

Hopefully I'll be able to organize this blog more cleanly. The previous one was waaaaay too messy =.=

I'll try to post at least once every 2 days since it's the holidays still until work starts on sep 13th.

Tralalalalalalalalah~ until next time~ :)