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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Gelish Test Run - 21 days

For the last 3 weeks I've been testing out a new nail product: Gelish. I passed by Ladyfinger at bedok central and saw the advertisement hanging on the door. It proclaimed that Gelish would last for up to 21days of shine without chips. This treatment cost me S$64.50(GST included) and 1.5hrs. Though not very cheap, I decided that this money could be considered well-spent if it meant 21 days of non-chip polish. The manicurist told me that the polish was less harmful than acrylic or Gel nails as there wouldn't be any filing involved. Gelish polish would create a protective hard layer that would protect my nails. I think the polish name is Midnight Special, though I can't quite remember.........

1st day 28/12/10 :
 3rd day 30/12/10:
 12 days later 08/01/11:
 23 days later 19/01/11:
SEE! Success! :) Perfect nails for the last 3 weeks! No chipped polish or tears in my nails! Wheeeeeeeeeeee! :) Absolutely lovely!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

OPI DS Magic

Sorrry! I have been busy at work and with some family matters :| My aunt is sick and my family spends quite a lot of time going to visit her. I just started NIE too, so I've been too busy to blog..... sigh.........

Anyway, here is OPI DS MAGIC :) really pretty! I took pics of it long ago, but I only just have time to post it up now... lol~
1 coat
2 coats
3 coats

 In the bottle there appears to be duochrome but unfotubately this doesn't translate onto the nail. Still, this is a beautiful blue sparkle that glitters insanely even when it's not under direct light. It takes 3 coats to be perfectly opaque. Instant delight for monday blues :D