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Sunday, November 21, 2010

1st attempt at Water Marbling

Okok, so I'm too late for the OPI Water Marbling contest but I just couldn't take all the hype and really needed to try out Water marbling :D

This is not really my 1st attempt. My last attempt was a big FAIL 'cause the polish kept hardening before i could even make patterns >.< I think it has to do with the humidity of Singapore and the winds. This time I tried Water marbling in open air. When it didn't work, I closed all the windows and effectively locked myself up with the poisonous polish fumes =.= This took me a good 30-45mins to complete and it was MESSY 'cause I used Vaseline instead of tape around my fingers. I think I'll use tape next time.
As you can see, OPI DS Glamour didn't really show up in my water marbling :x I think solid, vivid or dark colors work best for marbling. Surprisingly, OPI The color to watch became a subtle background color for the mani even though it'a a light shimmer color. Interesting :D

P.S. In the last 2 pics, I've topped the mani with 1 coat of OPI Text Me Text You for a glittery effect :)

Colors I used:
The color to watch
Suzi says feng shui 
DS Glamour 
Play til Midnight

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

ESTESSIMO TINS 403 - Rich Topaz

I wore these colors to my school's Staff Dinner :) The theme was gold and silver, a night of stars. ESTESSIMO TINS 403 - Rich Topaz -->This polish is a subtle holo that shines like molten gold when under light :) Like all holos, it glitters with a myriad of colors that reflect the rainbow. Very pretty color that suitable for party and work.

And this is the pedicure color I wore with my sparkly peach heels :) The base color is 1 coat of Missha KH01 which is a metallic moss green. It 's a very subtle light green at 1 coat. I then layered Misa Confection Section twice over KH01. This polish is full of iridescent glitter that shimmers in all sorts of colors. Finally, I added a layer of Canmake 17 which contains large and small iridescent glitter. After topcoat is added, this pastel glittery pedicure is finished :)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

LOvely trinkets

I'm in the midst of choosing trinkets for myself and I thought I would share some of the stuff I'm looking through :) This is only part 1, the stuff I've decided I'll NOT buy~ LOL~  I'm not affiliated with this website at all and I definitely get ZERO profits from showing u these pics >.< This is just a random internet window shopping that I'm considering. :)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I'm baaaaack!

ok ok, so maybe I wasn't all that busy. I just simply felt the bliss of slacking. The last week was filled with showing movies to the kids. On average, I watched Transformers 3 times in a day =.= Damn megan fox. All the boys say they're her boyfriend. "Cher! Pause that! pause pause!!! wah! megan fox got nice boobies. Kiss kiss kiss! sigh,..... why she never kiss me" OMG =.= Of course I didn'tpause, but the raging hormones of teenage boys..... sigh. I watched Transformers 1 and 2 until I was sick of it.
aNYWAY, The school holidays have currently started for the kids, so I'm free free FREE!!!!!! No nasty kids to handle :) Wheeeeee!

Here is another polish I wore to school. It's so sparkly it makes me happy! I must have been a magpie in a previous life. lol. This took 5-6 coats to build up the depth of glitter. It's never ever going to be opaque so don't even try. The number of coats depends on how much glitter u want. 

 And here is a rather blurry video of Anna Sui 011. It's like a shower of sparkling multi-colored glitter on your nails. :) Really pretty!

This an interesting bread I found at a Tampines foodcourt at the bus interchange. It's supposedly Rose Bread. S$1.30 per piece. It does have some rose aroma when u bite into it but it's not overwhelming. The filling is very slightly cream rose scented cream and there are bits of red cherry-like preserved fruit that taste of rose syrup? Quaint but not something I would fall in love with and swear by.
Rose Bread.
Cream filled center with slightly aromatic pieces of preserved rose?
Cheers! :)