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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

ESTESSIMO TINS 403 - Rich Topaz

I wore these colors to my school's Staff Dinner :) The theme was gold and silver, a night of stars. ESTESSIMO TINS 403 - Rich Topaz -->This polish is a subtle holo that shines like molten gold when under light :) Like all holos, it glitters with a myriad of colors that reflect the rainbow. Very pretty color that suitable for party and work.

And this is the pedicure color I wore with my sparkly peach heels :) The base color is 1 coat of Missha KH01 which is a metallic moss green. It 's a very subtle light green at 1 coat. I then layered Misa Confection Section twice over KH01. This polish is full of iridescent glitter that shimmers in all sorts of colors. Finally, I added a layer of Canmake 17 which contains large and small iridescent glitter. After topcoat is added, this pastel glittery pedicure is finished :)

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