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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I'm baaaaack!

ok ok, so maybe I wasn't all that busy. I just simply felt the bliss of slacking. The last week was filled with showing movies to the kids. On average, I watched Transformers 3 times in a day =.= Damn megan fox. All the boys say they're her boyfriend. "Cher! Pause that! pause pause!!! wah! megan fox got nice boobies. Kiss kiss kiss! sigh,..... why she never kiss me" OMG =.= Of course I didn'tpause, but the raging hormones of teenage boys..... sigh. I watched Transformers 1 and 2 until I was sick of it.
aNYWAY, The school holidays have currently started for the kids, so I'm free free FREE!!!!!! No nasty kids to handle :) Wheeeeee!

Here is another polish I wore to school. It's so sparkly it makes me happy! I must have been a magpie in a previous life. lol. This took 5-6 coats to build up the depth of glitter. It's never ever going to be opaque so don't even try. The number of coats depends on how much glitter u want. 

 And here is a rather blurry video of Anna Sui 011. It's like a shower of sparkling multi-colored glitter on your nails. :) Really pretty!

This an interesting bread I found at a Tampines foodcourt at the bus interchange. It's supposedly Rose Bread. S$1.30 per piece. It does have some rose aroma when u bite into it but it's not overwhelming. The filling is very slightly cream rose scented cream and there are bits of red cherry-like preserved fruit that taste of rose syrup? Quaint but not something I would fall in love with and swear by.
Rose Bread.
Cream filled center with slightly aromatic pieces of preserved rose?
Cheers! :)

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