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Sunday, November 21, 2010

1st attempt at Water Marbling

Okok, so I'm too late for the OPI Water Marbling contest but I just couldn't take all the hype and really needed to try out Water marbling :D

This is not really my 1st attempt. My last attempt was a big FAIL 'cause the polish kept hardening before i could even make patterns >.< I think it has to do with the humidity of Singapore and the winds. This time I tried Water marbling in open air. When it didn't work, I closed all the windows and effectively locked myself up with the poisonous polish fumes =.= This took me a good 30-45mins to complete and it was MESSY 'cause I used Vaseline instead of tape around my fingers. I think I'll use tape next time.
As you can see, OPI DS Glamour didn't really show up in my water marbling :x I think solid, vivid or dark colors work best for marbling. Surprisingly, OPI The color to watch became a subtle background color for the mani even though it'a a light shimmer color. Interesting :D

P.S. In the last 2 pics, I've topped the mani with 1 coat of OPI Text Me Text You for a glittery effect :)

Colors I used:
The color to watch
Suzi says feng shui 
DS Glamour 
Play til Midnight

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