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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Pedicure at PINC

ESTESSIMO TINS is a Japanese brand nail polish that is usually filled with glitter and bling! It costs abt S$14 when u purchase several bottles from (it's more difficult to buy than OPI as it's not widely brought into the market here) I love it 'cause it always contains insane amounts of glittery goodness!
ESTESSIMO TINS 030 - The Silky Night
 Gosh! Just look at it! It's like the night sky! Full of glittery stars! :)

I went to the Tampines Century Square PINC branch with my friend Hazel last night for classic pedicure :) I had been dying to use the S$50 voucher that I got for my birthday in May. Service there was excellent, much much much better than going to those lousy shops like Milly's @ Far East Plaza. The staff was meticulous while doing my nails and there was none of that insane never-ending chatter from staff who can sometimes be over-zealous/over-enthusiastic in promoting their treatments and polishes. Classic Pedi prices start from $33 onwards, but Tins polishes cost a dollar extra and there was some sort of anti-septic treatment or something that cost $4 extra so in the end my pedi cost S$38. My feet felt happily moistured and softer after the perfect pedi! lol~

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natural light
with flash
blurred to show the insane glitter!

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