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Saturday, August 14, 2010

2 Funky french mani's

Skittles mani
Ok, so I was trying to enter my "Just Tips" mani for the polish hoarder disorder's challenge and I decided that I might as well show a previous mani that I did. It's a red french mani using a Japanese polish, Estessimo tins #406 Passionate Ruby. If anyone wants to see the full entry, this is the link back to my previous blog entry on LJ.

 Next up is my actual entry for the challenge, which is a skittles french mani! :) All polishes used were Canmake polishes, which is having a discount at watsons now (S$5.90 per polish instead of S$8.90).

Polishes used (in order, from left to right):  Canmake Colorful Nails 21, 20, 27, 28, 23, 17

I started by using a base coat, then stamping konad patterns on with metallic colors like China Glaze. Then I painted french mani tips with the canmake colors and added a topcoat when i was done.
As per perferance, one can add nail art stickers/crystals/etc to the nail (see 1st pic left hand). Or alternatively, you could just do the skittles mani and skip the konad. Then do 1 coat of Canmake polish 17 which is a clear polish with suspended large hex glitter(see 1st pic right hand). It sparkles like crazy in any light :)


  1. I just saw your entry on PHD, you have such lovely nails!

    How much do you usually get the Canmake polishes for? I know here in Canada they had an asain store selling it for $10CAD :(

  2. It's usually sold for S$8.90 per bottle here, but sometimes there are promotions. Watson's is now selling a bottle for S$5.90. I think the promo ends next month. If u have a friend who lives in Singapore or Asian countries, u could ask her to help you send a few dozen colors back. It's probably much cheaper since canmake is a Japanese cosmetic brand :D