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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

OPI DS glamour

I know OPI DS glamour was released a long time ago, but I absolutely love holographic nail polish! The OPI DS series contains several of my favorite nail polishes of all time and I think it's incomparable to any other polish! I bought 3 bottles of OPI DS glamour just so I won't be in danger of running out of it EVER.

OPI DS glamour is absolutely stunning in bright light. It is supposedly a medium blue holo but in certain lights it has a purplish cast. It leans towards blue yet itsn't totally blue. It can't be classified as purple but it most certainly can be considered a blurple, a fusion between purple and blue. LOL~

1 coat
2 coats, no VNL
In natural light
Like most other holos, OPI DS glamour only reveals a sheen of prismatic glitter in natural light. However, the sun's rays uncover a glorious spectrum of rainbow colors. It's as if OPI DS glamour glows in the light. She isn't shy and is almost agressive in displaying her beauty.

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