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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Baby it's coal outside + Anna Sui 101

I recently purchased 3 bottles of Anna sui polishes, so the next few posts will be on these pretties! :) Retailing at S$24 a bottle, it's pretty expensive but the cute packaging and rose scent is a refreshing change from the 'normal' shapes of OPI/China glaze/Orly/...  I really fell head over heads in love with Anna Sui 101 which consists of a ton of small blue-green glitters and medium sized dark blue circle glitters.

1 coat: thumb + pinky. 2 coats: index + middle + ring finger
1 coat: thumb + pinky. 3 coats: index + middle finger. 2 coats: ring finger
blurred image to let u see the different colored glitters
Lol~ Pls ignore the stubby toes, I've been doing a lot of walking these past few days and my feet are worn out :p When layered on a blackened base, 101 is truly stunning! I was totally mesmerised by the sea like shimmers of grenn, blue and purple. I totally feel like going back to get a back-up bottle! :D

Gorgeous sea-like coloring on black base
close-up of 101 layered on BICO

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