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Monday, March 28, 2011

Marimo + gradation mani

I recently bought 3 Marimo balls :D I bought them from a fair at NTU from

Awwwww~ They look so cute!
 On the website, there's some hogwash story abt the plants being incarnations of a pair of lovers or something. :| I don't believe it but I do think the plants are really cute! :) supposedly the Japanese keep these plants as pets...............

Went to Ladyfinger @JP to do my nails again. Must use up that package quickly so i never need to go to them again =.=
Anyway, this is a gradation mani: opi last friday night, TINS 013 - The Relax Mint, TINS 005 - The Aquamarine.
Frankly, I think i could have done a better job. Especially since It started chipping slightly at the edges right after I went home and bathed =.=||  I think it's cause the manicurist was so stingy with the polish, so the layers were all so thin. Seriously. The more I go to this shop the more angry i get :|


  1. the plant balls! great as room deco too!