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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Harried Post

:( too many things are going on now in this period of my life. A few weeks ago, my aunt passed away. Then My assignments started piling up and I've to prepare for micro-teaching. My b'day is just around the corner  yet I've still got too much work to do. Sigh..........

Here Today... Aragon Tomorrow Suede
1 coat
 The application is streaky, just like all suede polishes. When dried, some corners tended to crinkle or shrink a bit so I had to keep repainting until I reached about 5-6 coats for a few fingers. The color is quite unique though and I received plenty of compliments :)

Nordstrom Round 1ct Cubic Zirconia Earrings

These pair of earrings cost USD42 not including shipping. It looks pretty ok, but certainly not really that real :| I bought it cause some pple on the website were saying it looks authentic, like real diamonds. Well, those pple are obviously lying to themselves. Or comparing these to cheap diamonds. Real expensive diamonds look more sparkly cause of the cut.... well, that's not entirely true. It sparkles in the light but there are certain angles where you can tell it looks a bit fake..... but since I didn't pay thousands for real diamonds, I suppose these are ok........ falls below my expectations, and I certainly wouldn't have bought these since I can probably get something like it anywhere....... but it's an ok buy, I guess.

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