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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Gelish Sweet Chocolate

So I went to do Gelish at Ladyfinger at bedok again and it seems the price has increased to $85 for classic mani, gelish color and removal. The manicurist said the previous promotion was over and so the price is now higer. Whatever. I think it's overpriced and the service wasn't very good. Seriously. If the service keeps going downhill, what's the point of buying a package?! The package isn't cheap and there's differential treatment AFTER you've signed on =.=

But Gelish products are nice so I don't mind going to OTHER manicure shops to get better services at better rates. Look, here's the color "Sweet chocolate". It looks like a common brown without light but under light it bursts into multi-colored glitter with predominant copperish-brown shimmer. Very pretty :)


  1. perfect colour! looks good enough to eat haha!

  2. Very pretty! $85 for a gelish mani?!?! Wow...that's expensive!!!

  3. yar =.= Ladyfinger is a rip-off. Most places only charge S$50-60 for gelish, with soak-off included!

  4. What??? I pay $12.00, soak off included!!