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Friday, December 24, 2010

Del sol Trick and treat is a Winner!

 Remember how I complained abt my defective Del Sol Rock star nail polish? Well, after I sent an irate email to soap valley (which is the Singapore importer for this polish brand) I received a very nice apology email that promised to send me 3 bottles of del sol polish to make up for it. :) sounds too good to be true? well, here are the pic of the 3 bottles I received.
Superhero, Reckless, Trick or treat (from left to right)
In the sun. Color change for reckless and trick or treat.
1 coat
in the sun
2-3 coats. In the sun.
All in all, I can't complain since these were free bottles. Especially since the staff at soap valley were so nice abt the whole thing. :) Thank you!!
I especially LOVE Trick or Treat!! It's such a beautiful orangey color with holo glitter that I wouldn't care if it couldn't change color. But it does. It changes to a dark purplish-black base with holo glitter. Super pretty! I'm going to buy an extra bottle just in case! :)
Hmmm, I have to say that Superhero doesn't change to the purplish-pink it's supposed to. And superhero and reckless show quite a bit of brush-strokes. still, both are pretty colors, and I wouldn't mind buying del sol polishes again. It's a really interesting change from usual polish. Just be sure to check that your bottle is NOT deffective :D plea with the salesgirl to let u check the product first.

Superhero: 3/5
Reckless: 3.5/5
Trick or treat: 4.5/5 !WINNER!


  1. Hi may I know where can u get del sol nail polishes in sg? Checked out lot 1 sasa and they din sell.. Thanks

  2. hi~ I was at bugis sasa yesterday and i saw they had del sol polish though in slightly limited colors. If all else fails u can email and ask them where their outlets are :)

    Trina :)