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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Nox Twilight Sangria

 My X'mas stash 2010!~
Nox Twilight Sangria (I decided the promo pics for True blood looked better :x )
1 coat
2 coats
I recently went to Bangkok with 2 of my girlfriends. While I was constantly bemoaning the lack of proper nail polish there, I came across this gem! It's the Nox Twilight series. Yay!! I'm no fan of Twilight, despite having read all 4 books, since I think all Bella does is moan about how good-looking Edward is. But I think the book/series is good comic relief :) I only need to flip a few pages/chapters when I'm feeling down, and instantly I can feel my mood perk up. Volia! I'm laughing myself to death when Bella once again lamenta about how Edward is a god and she cannot live without him. sheesh. Bella was an average emo girl before she met Edward, but after she sees him she soon becomes entranced and obessed. I seriously think Edward glamored her into becoming his slave or something. Sorry, but I think I prefer to read BL slash fan fiction abt edward and jacob. LOL.

I think I still prefer good old Anne Rice :D Lestat rox!!!

Anyway, looking at all the colors available:
I decided that Sangria was the way to go :) suits the theme of blood suckers.... erm.... i mean vampires. And that it goes best with the pewter crest on the bottle. After all, I didn't buy the bottle cause the polish is superior or cause I'm a fan. I bought it so i could photograph it and stash it in my polish collection just to say I have it.

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