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Friday, December 17, 2010

Crackle nails

Canmake has recently launched 3 new crackle polishes! It's called Crack Lac and it comes in pink, yellow and navy blue. Surprisingly, it works! You have to follow the instructions and paint 2 layers of whatever base polish you want. Then add ONE coat of the crack lac polish. It starts crackling almost immediately :)  I have to admit that it's rather expensive :| S$14.90 per crack lac bottle and S$17.90 for the gel volume. Frankly, the gel volume topcoat is nothing special and you can skip that. The shine is not as glossy as Seche Vite and it doesn't dry as quickly/throughly. It's ok for a topcoat but nothing special, frankly. I'll do a reviw on several gel topcoats soon. I think it's all a gimick, actually. None of them are as good as the trusty seche vite-which has problems of it's own but is still my preferred choice.
From left to right: canmake CL01, canmake CL02, canmake gel volume topcoat
on the bare nail, crack lac only crackles very slightly at the edges. 
1 layer of crack lac later....
the crack lac 'melts' a bit when topcoat is put on it. As can be seen, Gel volume is not too shiny :|


  1. Beautiful! How did you do the different color crackle on the one nail though? I can not even polish my own nails my mom has to do them for me and what makes it worse she gets mad when she is polishing them... But someday I will learn how to polish my nails by myself! I <3 Justin Bieber forever!!! :)

  2. You have really long and beautiful nails. I can not go one day without biting or picking at mine. If my nails were as long as yours they would probably break fast because I am not a graceful or delicate person at all... what so ever. LOL!!