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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Del sol

I've been quite busy recently. 2 of my aunts have fallen ill and my family is quite busy running various errands for them. My mum and I have been clearing up my aunt's flat so that involves manual labour on our part. It's taken a toil on my brittle nails and I've had to chop them off a couple of times : | sigh......

Anyway, I'm taking a break to Bangkok for 4days! :) see the hat above? I'm going to wear it while on vacation! It's 1 of those impulse buys from long ago, so I MUST find an occasion to wear it :D I wonder if the thai locals will think I'm some country bumpkin lol~

Anyway, I just bought 2 Del Sol colors from Sasa today. The colors are supposed to change while in the sun. At S$11.92 (actually S$14.90 but with 20% discount), I expect there to actually be spectacular color change. Unfortunately, Rock Star, the blue glittery polish, fails terribly. I think my bottle was a dud. The polish simply refused to turn green even though I stood under the hot bright sun for a good 20mins =.=|| so disappointing. The blue glitter itself is ok, but nothing spectacular in a market awash with tons of beautiful blue polish. I only paid this much for a UNIQUE color changing polish, not any normal lousy polish. I can get normal polish for less than S$2 a bottle =.= What a waste of money. Sasa doesn't offer refunds, but I'm still going to go back to make my complains known! They can keep my money, but I'm going to complain about their defective products!  At the very least, a company should test it's products to make sure it works BEFORE putting it on the shelves. 2/5
 This pic is slightly yellow tinged, it's definitely a blue not a greenish blue. Compare skin color with the pic below and u can tell it's a different color.
 Sigh, at least Ruby Slippers works beautifully~ The silver polish turns a slight pink under even the slighest sunlight. In direct bright sunlight it turns a pinkish red that's really pretty to behold! At least Ruby Slippers was a win. This polish is actually worth the $$$ I spent. 4/5


  1. which sasa did you go to?? i never knew del dol was available in sg!

  2. The one located next to Burger King on Level 1 of Novena Square. I complained abt my defective bottle and the company offered to replace it :) still waiting to receive it in the mail~