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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

OPI Burlesque haul

LoL~ Today was the 1st day of work and all I was required to do was stare into blank space :x It turns out today is intro day and so no work was assigned. I hear this is called the honeymoon period before hell on earth is unleashed :|

Anyway, this just came in the mail today, so I thought I would show it off. I ordered the 6 glitters from the OPI Burlesque, 2 Orly cosmic fx colors and ESTESSIMO TINS 016 - The Splash Blue.

Without further ado, here are the bottles:  

with flash

ESTESSIMO TINS 016 - The splash blue, orly Space Cadet, orly Galaxy Girl, opi Sparkle-icious, opi Show It & Glow It, opi Simmer & Shimmer, opi Extra-va-vaganza, opi Glow Up Already, opi Bring On the Bling. (in no particular order)
P.S. I already swatched all the glitters and they're really pretty! BUT, is it safe to post OPI Burlesque swatches? I'm not really keen on getting warning letters.... =.=


  1. Nice haul! Where did you order from, if I may ask?
    Too bad you can't put up much as I love OPI's colors...OPI as a company has really irked me as of late. D=

  2. sigh... i'll try to find some sneaky way of uploading all those swatches..... :( *disgruntled*

    lol~ i purchased it from:

    if u buy more bottles they usually offer a discount :D

    P.S. I've often wondered if it's real opi since it's much cheaper than those sold in official departmental stores, but after close examination of both kinds of bottles i can see no difference :x I was checking using Laquerized's list so I think my bottles are ok. Quality seems the same as the real opi's i bought from the departmental store :)

    Hope i helped :) cheers!

  3. You could always put them up and call them "unknowns from my stash" =P

    Thanks for the info! I'm definitely going to check it out!

  4. Where did you purchase orly? online or store?

  5. orly? i usually get all my nail polishes from either or from sprees :)