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Friday, February 18, 2011

Ladyfinger mani disaster

OPI I want to be a lone star
After the 1st 2 visits to Ladyfinger at bedok I felt it wasn't too bad and signed on for a package... I'm seriously regretting it now =.= Several things went wrong when I was there this afternoon:

When I reached at 2.50pm or so, I TOLD the girl that I needed to rush off before 5.30pm and she said it was fine, sure can finish by then.Pedicure was fine, I was ok with the service at that point. But I felt that she filed my soles much less than when I hadn't signed on for the package (talk about differential treatment). 

I asked for rose nail art on my thumbs. The manicurist did my right hand and I thought it was ok so I gave the go ahead for the other hand. BUT I got distracted for a moment while watching the TV show they had on and viola! she managed to screw up. Who in the world draws the nail art in the SAME direction on both hands??! Common sense lar! :( PLUS, it looked different =.= left hand design lines were FAT and ugly. plus position of roses was wrong! it needed to be closer to the nail line :( 

I grumbled a bit, but i was rushing for time and I let it go. Smudged my left thumb while taking out my wallet to PAY them. They told me to go back within 3 days to do touch up. Went back after my classes and asked them to do touch up. ONLY for them to say cannot. can only put top-coat for me. WTF! They ownself told me to come back later for touch up then say cannot when I went back. Maybe the damage is serious and they have difficulty 'repairing' lar, but attitude was seriously bad. How can they tell customer no way, i put topcoat for u and that's it. The vibes I was getting from them was that they didn't want to re-do cause too troublesome and they wouldn't get paid. I was furious and insisted they do SOMETHING to repair a bit. In the end, it turns out they COULD and SHOULD redo but once they started on the job they told me just need to add a bit more design no need to re-do. I say anything lor as long as not ugly. LOOK at the pics below!

See before and after. F***ing ugly. The black lines are not crisp. Looks like a kid drew it!!! I was really really pissed but I just packed up and left. can't be bothered liaoz. Too angry to quarrel or scold them. AND, I paid $8 per thumb for the nail art. This kind of lousy nail art I might as well NOT have asked them to do. ARGH!! 
ALSO, 1 crystal dropped within 2 hrs =.= maybe crystals aren't supposed to last, but at least should be a day or 2 later bah? lousy glue or lousy crystals? :(
smudge (BEFORE touch-up)
close-up of smudge
AFTER touch-up
close-up of AFTER
compare with nice right hand design. I asked 3 pple and they all said it looks DIFFERENT.
My pedicure. The ONLY tiny redemption in this lousy disaster  

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